Snap Together – Do-It Yourself

Durable – Easy to Install


Install drop outlet at predetermined downspout location. Install a hanger at highest point on fascia board at farthest point from drop outlet. Always slope down to downspout location. Mark chalk line and position hangers every 24″ (610 mm). Slope should be ¼” per 10 ft. (6 mm per 3 m). End cap may be attached directly to drop outlet if at end of a gutter run. If gutter continues around corner, position hangers at same height and no closer than 12″ (305 mm) from corner.


Lightly sand surfaces to receive cement with 100 grit paper. Surfaces should be clean and dry. Minimum temperature should be 32° F (0° C). Drying time of cement is approximately 30 seconds. Use Plastmo cement only. Install end caps while still on ground. Small guides will keep it in place while cement dries. For corners apply cement in zig-zag pattern from front to back.


Install gutter section with attached corner and/or end cap onto hangers. Push rear edge of gutter up into hanger then snap front top of gutter over front tip of hanger.


See temperature lines inside the drop outlet for proper placement of gutter. Note: Do not cement gutter to drop outlet. Second side of corner can now be cemented to clean surface of gutter. Engage gutter by pushing it up the back edge of corner, then push front of gutter so that “Lock Rim” snaps into place.


Join gutter sections at roof level. Apply cement on cleaned connectors from front to back. Hook connector onto rear edge of gutter, then press connector onto front of gutter so “Lock Rim” snaps into place.


Install elbow onto drop outlet. Measure downspout and cut to size between elbows. Install third elbow at bottom of downspout using downspout bracket as shown. Also install downspout bracket at top of downspout and at downspout connector (if necessary). Note: Do not cement elbows or downspout.


Make sure all cemented fittings are at least 2″ (51 mm) away from hangers.


On particularly long runs you should install an expansion connector.  Only needed when there is no downspout, therefore, no drop outlet, a corner at either end of gutter run and there is more than 25 ft. (7.6 m) of gutter between corners. Instructions included with unit.