Features & Benifits

Reinforced Gutter Rim

The reinforced rim insures a straight attractive profile and prevents the gutter from bowing, warping or sagging.

Heavy Duty Brackets

The Heavy duty brackets can support the weight of heavy ice and snow.


The special Plastmo compound is designed for strength, flexibility and resiliency, to withstand the most extreme climates. Installations more than 30 years old are still going strong.

Permanently glued joints

Gutter joints are permanently “welded” with the use of Plastmo cement. Plastmo is THE vinyl gutter system that is truly seamless in concept. Plastmo has no compression seals. Gasket seals often deteriorate and break open with expansion and contraction. Joiner considerations

Efficient Design

Plastmo’s semicircular design makes water gravitate to the rain gutter’s lowest area. This forms a natural stream for quick easy drainage right down the middle. Plastmo’s round downpipe and elbows make installation more convenient by turning 360 degrees for placement where needed.

Easy Cleaning

Snap apart downspouts are easily removed for cleaning and house painting. There are no ferrules across the gutter to interfere with cleaning. Smooth joints, round shape and reduced friction insure fast water flow keeping debris to an absolute minimum.

Easy to install – Snaps together

Snap-together components permit installation in less time than other systems. Plastmo is easily cut with a hacksaw and joined more effortlessly with Plastmo Cement for a permanent joint. No special skill, tools or training are needed.

Ends Leaking, rusting, denting, peeling

Plastmo is made of solid vinyl that will not chip or peel. Plastmo is unaffected by air pollution, acid rain, salty sea air or leaf acid. (Common causes of metal gutter deterioration).

Cost effective

Plastmo rainware costs far less per year than competitive gutter systems as it is easy to install and requires little maintenance.